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PostHeaderIcon Mini Brooder Set Up For Seramas

Five tiny little chicks don’t need a lot of space for the first week or two, so I put shavings in the bottom of a storage basket.

I rigged a brooder heater by cutting down a cardboard box, and placing a pet heating pad wrapped in a paper towel inside. I draped a small dish towel on one end to hold in extra heat. The chicks are very comfortable in there, and like leaning against the towel. Maybe they think it’s their mother.

I have a small lid with moistened starter. A larger lid has water, but to keep the chicks from getting wet, I turned a smaller lid upside down in the larger lid. They drink around the edge where the water is accessible.

Here’s a brief video.

Note: the video is not showing up in my IE browser. If you don’t see it embedded above, you can see my youtube channel HERE.