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PostHeaderIcon Introduction to Seramas

Seramas originated in Malaysia about 50 years ago, where they are called Sri Rama. Westerners anglicized the Malaysian name to Serama, perhaps because it’s easier to say.

Known as “the tiniest chicken in the world”, these diminutive birds are the number one housepet in their native Malaysia, surpassing dogs and cats for popularity.

Seramas have been bred specifically for pets. They have wonderful personalities, and can be kept in a guinea pig cage. They need to be kept indoors, especially in cold months, because they have not been adapated to temps below 50 (Malaysia doesn’t see a lot of cold weather!).

Seramas mature amazingly quickly. The little roosters sometimes start crowing at a few days of age, but usually they’re 4 to 6 weeks old before they start crowing.

Hens start laying at about 16 to 17 weeks of age, and they are very broody. People who have had both Seramas and Silkies say that the Seramas are broodier than silkies!

Of course, since Serama hens spend so much time raising chicks, you won’t see many eggs. The few eggs they do lay are very tiny and delicate.

You can learn more about Seramas from the Serama Council of North America, the best known American club for the breed.