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 – Black Copper Limited supply, orders are heavy.  Eggs are DARK!!!  But I’m getting very few #9’s this far into their laying cycle, mostly just #7’s and #8’s now. But they still have the genetics!  $5.00
 – Black Tailed Buff (dark egg line) Limited supply. Eggs were #6 – #8 at the beginning of their cycle. Now they’re #4 to #7  $4.00
 – Black Tailed Buff (light egg line) The darkest eggs are only about #5 at the beginning of their cycle. They are with a dark egg BTB roo. After I hatch some next month I’ll be selling off all the hens.  $1.00
 – Blue Tailed Buff Somewhat limited supply. Extremely rare variety. Eggs average around #4 to #5.  $3.00
 – Wheaten and Blue Wheaten Limited supply. Regular Wheaten roos with regular and blue Wheaten hens. Egg color all over, from #4 to #8 at beginning of their cycle, more lights than darks. Not separated by color, if you hatch these eggs you’ll get both regular and blue Wheatens.  $2.00
 – White Several bloodlines. Egg color all over, from #4 to #8 at beginning of their cycle, more lights than darks.  $1.50
Olive Eggers EEs & F1 OEs with Marans roos. Pullets hatched from these will lay a variety of green shades, light to medium to dark olive, khaki and very dark brown eggs.  $1.50
 – Seramas Extremely limited supply. Wide variety of colors. Smooth, silkie and frizzled feathering. Some are booted.  $2.50
 – Gold Sebrights Extremely limited supply.  $1.00
BARNYARD MIX Marans mixes and other breeds running together, including some broiler hens. Not included in below assortment.  $0.75
MIDGET WHITE TURKEYS Extremely limited supply. Not the hatchery kind, these are the real thing.  $5.00

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