Packing Eggs To Ship

Everyone has their own routine for packing hatching eggs to ship. Here is how I do it.

Warning- this page is graphics-heavy.

I place the egg on a strip of newspaper.

Then I roll it up.

After it’s rolled up, I bring the ends in…

… and tape it shut.

I mark the paper where the big end of the egg is.

I lay it on a strip of small bubble wrap…

… then roll it up and tape it, leaving the ends open so the egg can breathe.

You can see where the big end of the egg is.

I line the box with 2 layers of big bubble wrap, then I layer the bottom with wadded up newspaper.

I place another sheet of big bubble wrap on top of the newspaper layer.

At this point, from the bottom up is 2 layers of big bubbles, 1 layer of wadded newspaper, 1 layer of big bubbles.

Now I start placing the eggs in, big end up.

There is ample room for 12+ eggs.

After placing the eggs in, there are open spaces. I fill these spaces in with wadded newspaper.

Nothing but little spaces now, so I dump a handful of shavings in…

… and then spread it out evenly so all spaces are filled as much as possible. The eggs are not able to jiggle at all.

Now I start folding down the big bubble wrap…

… and here it is all folded down, making several layers of bubbles on top of the shavings.

There is still some space between the top of the bubble wrap and the top of the box, so I fill that space with wadded newspaper.

Then I fold the inner flaps of the box down…

… and tape them shut.

Now comes the easy part. After I close all the flaps, I secure them with tape.

I put layers of tape over the mailing address so that it will be protected from moisture.

Add “Fragile” stickers, and “Up” arrows, and it’s ready to go to the post office!

For an order of eggs larger than a dozen, I use a larger box (plain brown), put priority mail stickers on it, and pack the eggs the same way, except they will be in more layers.

The first layer of eggs will be done as above, but then I put newspaper, shavings, and big bubble wrap on top of the first layer of eggs, then add the second layer of eggs and proceed as above to finish it out.

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