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January 11, 2015

I started with several bloodlines of Wheatens last year, and the eggs were, and still are, all over the place. Some are almost as dark as the darkest Black Copper eggs, and others are very light. Most are somewhere in between. These obviously still need some work.

This photo is of last years eggs from the regular Wheatens. I’ll update the photo when the hens start laying regularly this year, which should be very soon now.


I plan to obtain a line of Wheatens which lay dark eggs exclusively to produce my breeding males for next year. That way I will be able to quickly develop a line that consistently lays very dark eggs.

This year I have some new Blue Wheaten hens, but I do not have a Blue Wheaten rooster. Therefore I have scattered the Blue Wheaten hens around in the regular Wheaten pens. I will get both regular and blue Wheatens from my Wheaten pens, and my gene pool for both varieties will be wide.

This pic is from a Blue Wheaten hen which has laid a few eggs this winter.


Next year, I will separate the two varieties. I will use the darkest egg line of Wheaten roosters with both the regular and blue hens. In a couple generations, I should have both blue and regular Wheatens well established that consistently lay very dark eggs.