Specify whether you want a specific breed/variety, or an assortment of my choosing. If possible, give a first, second and third choice.

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      I just sold all my extra roosters a few days ago, but I’ll have some more coming up. What variety are you looking for?

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          My Black Coppwers are just starting to lay after a winter break and I have a waiting list for the eggs. Are you close enough to pick up eggs or are you wanting them shipped?

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            If you live in the Wichita Falls area I can pick them up. I would like to have some eggs when you get them and if you are too far I could let you ship them. Let me know prices. Also, I could use any variety of Maran rooster. I have five maran hens of different varieties I bought from meyer hatchery as chicks and need a rooster. I am interested in the dark eggs they produce.

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      Sorry I didn’t answer sooner, I didn’t get a notification from the system that you commented. I’m going to send you an email.

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