Serama Drama!


If you want animals or children, you have to be prepared to take the bad with the good. Seramas have been bred for personality as much as for size and type, and those personalities take some interesting turns!

This first batch of Seramas are just over a month old. Goldie has been the calmest, sweetest and most loveable of the 5.

A short while ago I heard a terrible ruckus coming from their brooder. I went and checked and Goldie was viciously attacking Tommy. I picked Goldie up to see if I could calm him down and he had a temper tantrum! He had fits and chirped loudly wanting me to put him down.

Oh my. I guess as with children, it’s best not to cater to a tantrum. I put Goldie back and things have been calm since. So far…

Coming Up!

I’ve been busy at work establishing new breeds and varieties, and some are very long term projects. Some breeds I plan on getting eventually, but don’t have yet.

I’ve increased my numbers of the very dark egg Black Copper Marans, and the Wheatens. I’m also setting up new matings to produce Olive Eggers. These will all be available this coming fall, but I have more I’m working on, some of which will be available this fall, some not until Spring 2015, and a few I may not release for sale for a year or more, depending on how well I can get them established.

Here’s what I have on hand that I’m working on:


In addition to the aforementioned, I have:
Black (self black, not black copper)
Black-Tailed Buff (yes, I already had some, but I have dark egg ones now)

And also the following project varieties:
Blue Salmon
Blue-Tailed Red
Blue Wheaten
Blue Cuckoo
Blue Copper


A self-sustaining broiler project (hoping for the ideal homestead broiler that can be kept and bred without depending on hatchery purchases every year).


Tolbunt Polish
Porcelain Silkies
Isabel Silkies
English Orpingtons
Show Quality Speckled Sussex

New Seramas

Yes, I have more than just Marans.

After spending a few years reading about Seramas, viewing hundreds of pics, and watching YouTube videos about Seramas, I finally took the plunge.

First I bought a dozen Serama eggs, and received 15. 5 of those hatched July 24, which is an acceptable hatch out of 15 shipped eggs.

I ordered more eggs, which are in the incubator and due to hatch Aug 20. And I have more eggs booked to reach me later this month and should hatch in September.

The eggs are so tiny! I’ve been hatching Sebright eggs for a niece, and those eggs are very small. But the Serama eggs are even smaller! They aren’t a great deal larger than quail eggs.

Here is a Serama one day old with a Coke bottle cap. You can see how tiny!

 photo serama-coke-cap_zps1c9a493a.jpg

And here is a 4 day old Serama with a 1 day old Sebright. Look at the size difference:

 photo 4dayserama-1daysebright_zps3984a82a.jpg

I have been having a lot of fun with my 5 new Seramas, which are 22 days old now. I gave them nicknames initially, because I didn’t want to give them permanent names until I could tell their gender, and see what they are going to look like. I want to give them fairy tale names, because they are little fairy chickens.

I’d read about how friendly Seramas are, and I’ve found that’s no lie! They beg for attention, and do funny things to get me to pick them up. Each one has a very distinct personality. I think they have more personality than most chickens I’ve had. What little characters they are! Their personalities began emerging when they were only a few days old.

Here are all 5 at 22 days old in a 6″ wide box.

 photo 22daysold_zps7b8a593b.jpg

Meet my little Serama family!

Tom Thumb, male

 photo tomthumb_zpsd33063d0.jpg

Tom Thumb is the first one with a permanent name. Until today I was calling him thumb pecker. My mother thought of the name Tom Thumb, and it’s perfect!

Tommy got his name because when he wants me to pick him up, he pecks my thumb. He never pecks a finger or another part of my hand; it has to be a thumb! If my thumb is a little out of his reach, he will try to jump to reach it.

Once I pick him up, he doesn’t want to snuggle in the palm of my hand like his siblings do. He wants to perch on the edge of my hand or on a finger. I can walk around while he’s perched on my hand, and he shows a very great deal of curiosity, looking all around, examining everything. He’s fascinated by the TV, and will stretch his neck out to avidly watch it as long as I will stand there in front of it.

Goldie, male (nickname)

 photo goldie_zps9b7ccbc0.jpg

Goldie (due to his gold colored head), is the sweetest of the 5, and also the funniest. He cracks me up with some of the stunts he does to get into my hand. One time he started running and then LEAPED into my hand. Another time he sidled up until he was touching me, then he belly crawled up into my palm (I didn’t even know chickens could belly crawl!). His antics usually aren’t quite so dramatic, but he usually does something a little different that makes me giggle.

Once he’s in my hand, he just kind of melts, and promptly falls asleep.

When I’m not holding him, but I’m in his sight, he has a very comical way of tilting his head to watch me.

Frizzy (nickname), probable male

 photo frizzle_zps4dff12f7.jpg

Frizzy has untidy silkied plumage. He’s almost as sweet as Goldie, but not so comical. He’s just calm and lovable. He loves to snuggle in the palm of my hand. He’s very laid back, and likes to look around at everything when I’m holding him. He’s very quick to approach when he sees me coming.

The Twins (nicknamed), possible girls – I hope!

 photo twins_zpsc1889277.jpg

Except for a slight difference in color, these two are clones! They are the same size (smaller than the other 3), they hang out together… you know, kind of joined at the wing, and their personalities are very similar.

They are both a bit shy, and not inclined to approach me, although once I pick them up they enjoy it and relax into my hand. They do prefer that I pick them up and hold them together. They don’t like being separated.

I think they are girls, so I need to think of the names of two fairy tale sisters.

I can hardly wait for the rest of my Serama eggs to hatch!