When wrong information is spread around…


I suppose the most common piece of misinformation I’ve seen is the simple statement that, “White hens lay white eggs, and brown hens lay brown eggs”. So what do barred rocks lay? Zebra striped eggs? And I suppose Silver Spangled Hamburgs lay polka dot eggs! And another very common and persistent piece of misinformation that’s been going around for many decades is that “Araucana” eggs have no, or lower, cholesterol (never mind even trying to explain Araucanas vs. Easter Eggers etc).

I’ve been around chickens and other poultry all my life, and I have seen and heard every kind of misinformation you can imagine or that you never thought of. Some makes me giggle: “Only roosters have combs”, and some makes me shake my head: “A hen can lay several eggs a day”.

Today I came across this webpage which seems to indicate that chickens and turkeys have external sex organs (does anyone else read it that way?), and that chickens and turkeys can produce fertile eggs 70 days after mating. Actually the more correct figures are up to 2 weeks for chickens, and a month or so for turkeys.

With the huge influx of new poultry owners we’ve all seen in recent years, and various poultry forums and Facebook groups popping up every where, misinformation can go viral in a hurry. I often send newcomers to various articles on the Chicken Chick’s blog to get correct information, because she explains things in such an easy to understand manner.

What really annoys me no end is people in forums and FB groups who have gained a little knowledge, but not complete knowledge about an aspect of poultry keeping, but they consider themselves experts and will spread a great deal of wrong information to brand new poultry people. These self proclaimed experts will become argumentative and defiant when the veteran poultry people try to correct them.

The reality is, even the “real” experts are continually learning new things. And moreover, they are willing to acknowlege the fact that they aren’t always right.

I’m no expert by any means. I run into long time poultry keepers who awe me with their great knowledge. But I’m willing to learn, and I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong.

You are encouraged to comment about any funny misinformation you’ve heard or read. We could all use a few chuckles.